Understanding GooseQ
The world's first million-scale logistics blockchain application

Trusting data based on blockchain technology,Meet the strong regulatory needs of the logistics industry

Let finance widely serve truck drivers

Provide voice interaction services in driving situations through hardware certified by Goose Q

Data addition calculation power for logistic services

Multiple ecological benefits

Rich application scenarios

Let the value of the data be fed back to the data producer

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Goose Q for logistics ecological empowerment
Combine blockchain, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other technical service logistics
Strong technical research and development team
The technical team is in the leading position in the blockchain, transportation big data, Internet of Things, computing technology
Rich hardware type
Support logistics hardware, driving recorder, smart phone and other hardware access
Empowering the entire industry chain
Goose Q provides technical solutions for logistics industry chain companies
Comprehensive humanistic care
Provide rich communication and entertainment services for truck drivers, reduce work pressure and enhance happiness.
Improve efficiency and reduce pollution
Improve safety and fuel economy by guiding logistics vehicles to team up.
Data verification, full process trusted
Use blockchain technology to process full process data,For industrial chain enterprises to inquire and supervise by government management departments
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Recommended purchase method

Goose Q is now open to participation and can be GQ in just a few minutes.

The currency symbol of the Goose Q on the exchange is generally GQ.

Please note that there is no organizational link between the Goose Q Foundation and the exchanges that support GQ. The Foundation is not responsible for the security and specific business practices of these exchanges. All companies should follow CCSS and KYC/AML regulations applicable to the country

How to buy
Goose Q Development Components
Rich components and interfaces to handle multiple development scenarios
Industry application solutions
Visual logistics command system
Goose Q fellow team system
Multimedia data verification system
Daluka --Communication solution
Live communication
One-click, one-on-one private communication
Heavy truck mechanic program
In-vehicle integrated entertainment system solution
Core team and consultant
The world's top algorithm, IT engineering and hardware production team
William Qian, Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley, The founder of the data Liuhe theory. Worked in many international investment banks and hedge funds in Wall Street, Hong Kong and Shanghai, New York(Barclays Capital(New York)). Structured fixed income hedge fund Tacitus Capital(NewYork), Swiss bank Hong Kong,Swiss bank Hong Kong,BOC International(HK),Standard Chartered Bank (Shanghai). Design, development and application of risk pricing big data model for interest rate, exchange rate and credit financial structured derivatives. Manage multi-billion dollar fixed-income bond portfolios (US Treasury bonds, corporate bonds, home mortgage assets securitization bonds(MBS,CMBS,CLO and CDO). Design, development and sales of financial risk management tools for interest rates and exchange rates that provide assets and liabilities for China Top 100 central enterprises. Dr. Qian has 17 years of financial risk pricing big data model design for financial structured derivatives, and experience in structured product portfolio trading investment decision risk management and sales.
Mike Zhang, Master degree from the University of Sunderland, UK, Microsoft, Apple, Volvo, Sohu, Fosun and other IT team leadership experience, 15 years of industry senior technical background, more than 8 years of automotive finance senior industry background, Familiar with emerging technologies such as data wind control, blockchain, and FINTECH.
Ada Xue, Doctor of Logistics, Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany, 15 years of logistics and supply chain management background. With rich resources in the field of commercial vehicles, experts in the logistics industry blockchain solution.
Steven Bai, Previously served as "Hopson Capital" CBO,Hopson Capital is a leading global financial technology company for venture capital and asset management, Established by the US Health Foundation, Wall Street and Hong Kong Branch.
LongFei Zhao, Chief Strategy Officer of Goose Q Project, CEO of Daosheng Media Advertising Co., Ltd., Leading the construction of the largest car network data calculation engine in the country. Launched the nation's first social network "WEME" on the road
Huawei Kong | Consultation, Director of the Shanghai Branch of the Institute of Computing, Chinese Academy of Sciences, founder of Zhangjiang italk Technology Forum, Blockchain technology evangelist, famous blockchain investment company has a capital partner, starting point venture partner.
Jacky Gu | Consultation, CEO of Shanghai LianShi Technology Co., Ltd. Founder of the Chain Link Industry Alliance, IPFS Force Area Strategy Consultant. Co-founder of Wugu Lunlian, early developer of Ripple.
Yan Long | Consultation, Founder of the Great Navigation Fund,The Fund is an early investor focused on logistics innovation. Successfully invested in Weijie City, glutinous rice dumplings, spotted geese and other logistics innovation service enterprises. She is a witness to the Goose Q Project and Daluka Planning. At the same time, it is also a professional in the field of logistics investment in the blockchain field. Have a bitcoin mine investment experience.
Investors and strategic cooperation agencies
We work with the world's top institutions to build Goose Q Ecology
China Unicom,China United Network Communications Group Co., Ltd. ("China Unicom") was formed on January 6, 2009 on the basis of the original China Netcom and the original China Unicom. It has branches in 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) and overseas countries and regions. It is the only telecom operator in China that has been listed in New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai. It has been selected as one of the “Top 500 Companies in the World” for many years. China Unicom mainly operates GSM, WCDMA and FDD-LTE mobile network services, fixed communication services, Domestic and international communication facilities service business, satellite international private line service, data communication service, network access service and various telecom value-added services, System integration services related to communication information services. China Unicom has a communication network covering the whole country and the world. Actively promote the broadbandization of fixed networks and mobile networks, and provide a full range of high-quality information communication services for users.
China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing,China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing is China's first logistics and procurement industry organization. The China Materials Economics Association established in 1980, the China Logistics Research Association established in 1984, and the China Material Distribution Association established in 1995 have evolved many times. In April 2001, it became more famous. The main task is to promote the development of China's logistics industry and promote the development of government and enterprise procurement. Complete the government entrusted assignment. The government grants functions such as foreign affairs, technology, industry statistics and standard revision. It is the representative of China in the Asia Pacific Logistics Alliance and the International Purchasing Alliance, and has extensive contacts and cooperation with many countries.
Dachen Venture Capital,Founded in April 2000, Shenzhen Dachen Venture Capital Co., Ltd. is the first domestic venture capital investment institution established according to market operation. Since its establishment 12 years ago, the company has focused on four major investment fields: cultural media, consumer services, modern agriculture, energy conservation and environmental protection. With its rigorous investment attitude, professional investment philosophy, excellent innovation spirit and excellent investment performance, it has become the top enterprise in China's venture capital industry. Dachen Venture Capital was elected as the vice president unit of the Venture Capital Professional Committee of the China Investment Association, the vice president unit of the Shenzhen Venture Capital Association, and the vice president unit of the Shenzhen International Chamber of Commerce.